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Originally Posted by MelonMadness View Post
Im going to buy a new M3 and i cannot decide whether i should get the E46 or wait for the E92. I mean i really like the exterior of the E46 but the v8 in the e92 is nice. Its just the wait im worried about im able to get a new car in Febuary so i just want to know if the wait is worth it.

I was also wondering if they will be making a 2007 E46 cause i heard that the E92 is going to be a 2008, so are they skipping a year?

One more question should i get manual or the SMG. what the pro and con for that.

If anyone can answer some of these questions i would greatly appriciate it.

If you're not getting a car until February, 2007, it won't be a new E46 M3.
Production ceased in mid-2006; as a previous poster noted.

BMW typically brings out the next generation M3 after the next generation 3-Series sedan and coupe, which contributes to the additional year.

M3's are manual transmission vehicles; whether stick-shift or SMG-shift.
If you want an M3, you must also want a manual transmission.
Here's a link to a thread in M3Post that has a rather long, but very informative review of SMGII on the E46 M3.

If you're at all intrigued by an SMG-style manual transmission, find an E46 M3 in your area to test drive. See what you think.
Either stick or SMG is fine; it's personal taste.
And, the E92 M3 will offer both, as I understand it.

Good luck on your search!