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Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
Can you quote me one "kink" that any new BMW model has had since the E46 M3 release? If you don't count the fact that some senior citizens might have thought the iDrive was too complicated on the E65/E66 (7er) initially, and that the facelift looks much better from behind, there weren't any. BMW has improved it's quality testing since about mid 90's vastly. And even the M3's "kink" was a third party issue, not BMWs fault that they got delivered with parts that didn't stand under pressure up to spec.

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Let me calrify the E46 M3 engine issue...again

-BWM E46 M3 engines: As I have posted on this forum before you can not solely blame a nameless, faceless "supplier" for the huge engine problems. Sure BWM fixed the problem and made up for it with a warranty but it is/was a huge mark against their quality.

And the problem since is:

-E60 M5 SMG problems. Again I have posted here about this problem. The main post and following discussion is here:

I am sure there are more. But since I haven't and won't follow much more that BMW does besides M cars I am not the best source really.