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Originally Posted by Smoltz View Post
So as long as it's a third party supplier, it's not BMW's problem. That doesn't work in the real world Jussi. It's still a kink as far as the customer is concerned. That is unless you don't consider an engine blowing up, a kink.

BMW handled this issue and stepped up with an improved warranty. That's what the warranty is for, and it's a reason why I'm not scared to buy the V8 M3 as soon as it comes out.

There are very minor differences between a 2001 M3 and a 2006 M3, same HP, same body. BMW didn't make any major running improvements on the E36 M3's either. Which is why I don't see any negatives to buying the first year. See them on the road and no one can tell the difference, 1st year vs later years... Except the guy who bought the car in 2001 got to enjoy his longer. Cheers!