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Originally Posted by Smoltz View Post
Maybe this is just a translation problem. We're talking about Nordshleife times, no one said anything about acceleration. Also, you never agreed with me, only disagreed.

The Z06 was not tested on special wheels or tires. Look in this link...

With that being said the Z06 review was not done independantly so maybe it isn't the best benchmark.

The M3 CSL was tested on R-Comps. If the Z06 was put on R-Comps it would have gone even faster than 7.43.

With all that being said, I will repeat, there is NO WAY the E92 M3 will go round faster than 7.43 (I'm assuming no R-Comps).

no translation problems. where do you read i agree with you? i agree with jussi. and to the rest: theories! we dont know, we will see. you say there will be no ways the new m3 will beat the z06 in nordschleife and i say, i wouldnt bet, there is nothing more to it. we will see, time will tell, with or without our theories