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Originally Posted by Mikeobello View Post
Are you now talking bout acceleration or Nordschleife?
Acceleration-wise you are definitely right. I agreed about the Nordschleife-time, where the new m3 will hit some marks, i am sure! if its gonna beat a Z06, cannot tell, but i couldt say it definitely won't!

I'll put down some numbers for you for the cars on your list i found (laptime on nordschleife):
- Prosche 996 GT3: 7.47 min
- Porsche 996 GT2: 7.46 min
- Lamborghini Murcielago: 7.50 min
- BMW e46 M3: 8.22 min
- BMW e46 M3 CSL: 7.50 min
- Z06: 7.43 min

I'd say, the new e92 m3 will be in the region of the e46 m3 csl or faster. the lap they did on the corvette z06 was on special wheels as well as on a special setup for Nordschleife. so if they adjust a special setup for the nordschleife and special wheels ....
dont know, but i wouldnt bet!

Maybe this is just a translation problem. We're talking about Nordshleife times, no one said anything about acceleration. Also, you never agreed with me, only disagreed.

The Z06 was not tested on special wheels or tires. Look in this link...

With that being said the Z06 review was not done independantly so maybe it isn't the best benchmark.

The M3 CSL was tested on R-Comps. If the Z06 was put on R-Comps it would have gone even faster than 7.43.

With all that being said, I will repeat, there is NO WAY the E92 M3 will go round faster than 7.43 (I'm assuming no R-Comps).