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The Kuhmo Escta V700 was a pretty good autocross tire that was known for having odd wear issues. They were discontinued earlier this year in favor of the V710 which is a much better tire provided you can keep it from overheating.

I ran the PSC on my car but didn't have the data logger back when I did. I would put them very close to the V700 in terms of grip but with much better wear characteristics and a higher operating temp. Good for track, sucky for autocross.

Its a standard G circle from two autocross runs on a concrete lot, so above average grip. The numbers left to right are cornering grip. Up and down are acceleration and braking grip. There were no heavy brake zones that day so you don't really see the limit of the tires in the down axis.

The thing that is very clear from the graph is the R comp tires are good for about 0.15g more cornering force than the street tires. The time diffrence at the event was close to 2 seconds for every 60 seconds of track.

I just wanted to illistrate how much of the CSLs performance comes from its tires and why you cannot compare its laptimes to other cars which ran on normal street tires.

Jussi is under the mistaken impression that better tires wouldn't help the other cars as much as they do the BMW. He is just flat out wrong. 2s in 60 is a generally accepted guideline among the track/autocross crowd. It holds for most car types with only slight variation in result.

I had a chance to drive a Z06 and still am ordering the E92. Its not because the BMW is faster, its not. Jussi needs to accept that fact and stop spewing crap about its superior handling. Its just not possible given the weight, tire, and suspension geometry limitations of the car. However, I want a comfortable 4 seat car that practicle to go along with my track toy (the lotus). The E92 will be a better street car even if it would lose a performance contest to the Z06. The Lotus is more fun at the track than the Z06 was/is. But I rarely take it out on the street because its just not practical or fun plodding around at 55mph (or less).
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