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Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
How's using street legal tyres exactly cheating by the way?

Sounds like bitter moaning and poor excuses to me. Why don't they use the same tyres on the Z06 if it would give it the definite advantage? Because it wouldn't?

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If you don't think putting a dedicated track tire on the Z06 would improve its lap times you know even less about cars than I realized.

Have you driven a Z06 on both types of tires? I have

As far as I know BMW is just about the only company to put up their time for a street car using a track tire. Its not the norm or accepted convention. You can make the same argument for the LSS Elise but the Yoko 048 it runs on isn't as grippy as the PSC on the CSL.

Now when you claim that car A beats car B by some number of seconds, lets say 5. Then latter you find out that car A gained 14 seconds just from its special tires what does it tell you about A being faster than B?

I don't know what they do where you live but here we don't put the OEM tires back on the car when they wear out. We put what we want on the car. If you don't like run flats, put something else on the car. If you want a track tire buy a set.

That why I don't care what tire a car comes with. All I care about is how it will perform on a good tire. I am not going to keep it on the OEM crap if they decide to put crap tires on the car.
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