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Originally Posted by visor View Post
Question then: why does BMW need programs S1 to S6 if simple throttle modulation can already modulate shift speeds?
Very few people I know use s1-4. The consensus is they are just there for marketing purposes. S5 (street) and S6 (track) seem to be the only sequential modes people use.

A1-5 do have their uses.

I have said in the past BMW should use the idrive interface to allow the driver to program the SMG shift points and speeds to suite their taste. Its kind of silly to have a good interface for configuring detailed settings and then using it for so very little.

Settings that should be there.

* Auto upshift at redline (on/off)
* Auto downshift under braking when speed reached for lower gear (on/off)
* Modulate shift speed by RPM (high/med/low/off) All current cars are set high.
* Automatic gradient assist (on/off)
* Low speed downshift delay (on/auto/off) One of my biggest pet peves about SMG
* Auto mode slider for shift RPM. Currently this is tied to shift time.
Manual gearboxes, the rotary dial of cars.