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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
I was not joking when I said I don't care about 0-60 times. If you do you better find a way to get a manual car because the SMG launch program wll probably be nerfed again here in the US.

1/4 mile trap speed tells you a lot more about hp/lbs than 0-60
1/4 mile ET tells you a lot more about how well the car launches and how good the driver was.
Skidpad gives a decent idea of grip

Lap times and slalom are so skill dependant I would want to know the resume of the driver at the wheel.

Yes I am a track guy but I am also an engineer. I know a junk stat when I see one.
We did get a limited version of launch control on SMGII didn't we? I agree that the US cars will have a partial launch control at best.

Yes so many stats are driver dependent. That's why I tend to look at the best ones achieved because then you have more of a "probe" into the best the car can offer to a skilled driver.

My background is technical as well, phyiscs and mathematics by education, mechanical engineering by (ex) profession. This disposition keep the skepticism healthy! Cheers.