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Agree and disagree

Originally Posted by enigma View Post
I could care less about 0-60 times. BMW doesn't engineer them or design cars to achieve a specific time. They could care less. Heck, their own published stats have been as much as a full half second off.

Once you are over the 1:10 ratio of hp/lbs gearing starts to make a lot less difference in 0-60 times unless you plan on using drag slicks to do your testing. Getting all the the E46s power down in 1st isn't trivial to say the least. Its also very surface dependent. It doesn't matter how much power the new car makes, you will lose off the line to an Evo or Sti or RS4. 4wd cars often produce better 1st gear accel numbers simply because they can launch harder.

The 0-40 times won't be much better than the old M3 but the 40-60 numbers will. Your guess is probably close and someone will probably get that number. However, other will probably get between 4.0 and 5.0. Heck, I have even seen a legit 12.7 1/4 mile out of a stock E46. But that was done by a pro drag race driver that knew how to launch the hell out of the car and under ideal conditions (read, vht prepped launch surface and no empathy for the clutch).
Up late too? Time for me to retire...

Surely you don't mean you don't care at all? 0-60 is a measure of so much else about a car. It is inextricably tied to the overall performance of a car: hp, weight, chassis performance, traction, gearing, etc. I think I know what you are getting at though. You are a track purist and don't give a crap about "drag racing" so in that way you don't care if the new M has an actual time of 4.0 or 5.0. It is not any bragging rights for you. Do I get your perspective?

4WD vs. 2WD sure - obvious. 4WD cars do get a serious advantage on 0-60 both because of physics and because they take less skill and are therfore more consistent. SMG should, even with a limited version of launch control, help achieve times closer to the lowest numbers we will see and help achieve those more consistently.

I beg to differ with you on the "engineering" of a 0-60 time though. Since neither of us proabably have direct access to the M engineering folks it may be an academic debate (I do have a friend of a friend at BMW engineering in Germany, but that is as close as I can get). However, I would place money on it that they can and do engineer and control 0-60 times pretty darn well. They have access to amazing drivers, totally controlled circumstances and full SMG launch control. I think their published specs. are obviously more about marketing and subtle understatement than what they themselves can and know their cars can obtain.

Hmmm. Will I be disappointed in any way if the M3 can not out 0-60 the RS4 in its best run or better it in comparing more typical times? Well a bit I guess, but I still will happily buy, own and track the car and am confident it will be a better all around car.

BTW do your R-comps help out with launch as much as they do track cornering? Seems like they should. I guess I shouldn't even ask because you don't care about great launces nor 0-60 right ;-)? I haven't driven on them yet myself. Cheers.