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Originally Posted by Mikeobello View Post
That "m3 e46 mule" looks to me more like a m3 e46 covered up by p-shop as a mule. maybe its just me. but what also undermines this point is, why should a mule be presented in that nice blue background ...
a mule is normaly a spied picture somewhere on the track, not in a photostudio...
but hey, nice try anyway!
The above picture of the E46 M3 'mule' is a photoshop made to look like a mule. It was done in response to people who say they don't like the look of the new E92 M3, even though it is partly disguised. The point was that the E46 M3 didn't look great as a mule, but when it was launched it did. When the E92 M3 is launched it will probably look great.

Taken from this website. You'll need to register. Great forum if you haven't heard of it.