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0-60 = 4.2 = worst case (IMO, long)

OK mabe beating a dead horse here but who doesn't want 0-60 "bragging rights"?

IMO The new M3, in real world tests for 0-60 will be 4.2 or better. Here's why:

1. All of you comparing 335i to new M3 for 0-60, DON'T it is known that BMW has significantly underrated its hp and T - to the tune of 50 +/- on both.

Originally Posted by ynotony View Post
Also, I am not an auto engineer, but does anyone else think it is funny that we all assume BMW has the power to precisely engineer a car to have a 0-60 time of 4.6 vs 4.5 vs 4.7, etc. I think once they get it into the mid 4's they will just leave it so. It is not like they have a special knob that can change the acceleration by .1 sec.
BMW can and will "engineer" the 0-60 on the new M fairly precisely. It is all about gearing. Sure they will max out power fairly well given the huge number of design constraints present but once that is done there are many other things to tweak. The E46 M3 has a phenomenal 0-60 based on it's hp/lb. It did it with really low gearing.

3. M3 has traditionally been faster 0-60 than the M5 with real tests and with the brochure numbers. Also BMW brochure numbers (as well as other manufacturer such as Porsche) are often very conservative or just flat out under rated. The new M3 brochure number may be very close to or slightly faster than the M5/M6 brochure but in real life I think it will be just as fast or maybe a tad faster. The cars barely compete at all: BMW does not have to worry about too many folks not getting the 5/6 in place of the 3 just based on 0-60. Real world tests have seen 0-60 at 4.1/4.2 (R&T/C&D). This bodes really well for seeing the new M at similar times.

4. As others have stated, mags have seen RS4 as low as 4.3 and the new M3 almost MUST best that time. Furthermore it will need to compete for years to come and win all the awards we know it can and will ... and there is reasonable competition in the works.

Conclusion: MINUMUM 4.2, real world.

See my post here if you want to see similar and even more scientific predictions about other performance predictions for the car.