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What an incredible car. This is an M6 eater, just as the sedan was a M5 eater. Still like the sedan a bit better, but that's just personal preference. They did a great job with the coupe, and I can't wait to see this on the road.

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Don't care for the central exhaust on a car like this but otherwise it looks pretty solid
"On a car like this"? Are 550hp super-coupe's not supposed to have central exhausts? Thought that's what they were for specifically....
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Awesome car handles like a german car with the power of a muscle car. Would seriously consider this over an e92 M3. Only complain is since it's GM going bankrupts I don't know how they would warranty issues.
GM already went bankrupt, ditched a ton of their debt, and came back. They're already paying back what they owe in fact. The warranty will stand solid.
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