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Originally Posted by visor View Post
No, I'm afraid you misunderstood my original post. I'm not concerned with the jerkiness of shifting; we already know that it can be minimized by a slight lift of the throttle during shifting on an SMG.

What I'm concerned about the loss of spontaneity of the driver in deciding when he wants a slooow/smoooth shift while cruuuuiiising, or when he wants a rapid/neck-snapping shift in preparation for a fast lane change to pass a dawdling driver. Read my original post again.

Currently, you're "locked" into one of the S1-S6 modes when you press a button to choose how you want to drive. But in a true manual, you can decide at a moment's whim how fast or slow you shift depending on how you work the shifter/clutch/gas. What I'm suggesting is this driver's "intention" can be similarly communicated to the SMG computer by the speed/pressure of the shift on the paddles.
My repost from another thread:

Your suggestion exists in SMG transmissions already. When I drive in traffic or in the city, I use the "D" mode and three bars. The second that I want to drive aggressively or pass someone, I downshift using the left paddle. This engages the sequential or manual mode with five bars for me since maintaining S6 requires that traction be deactivated and remain off. When I am done passing or enter a city again, changing back to my city driving mode is a simple press to the right of the center shifter. Pressing to the right toggles between modes and it remembers your program settings for each mode (D1-5 auto, S1-6 sequential). Likewise, shifting using the paddles engages the sequential mode and also remembers your setting S1-6. I hope they continue with this feature in SMG IV.