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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
Um, you can already do all of this with SMG II or III. Instead of the paddle force you just use the gas pedal. Lift a bit during a shift for smoothness or hold it down for speed.

As to those that worry about rolling backwards. Just use your left foot on the brake. Its not doing anything so why not left foot brake all the time. Works great.
No, I'm afraid you misunderstood my original post. I'm not concerned with the jerkiness of shifting; we already know that it can be minimized by a slight lift of the throttle during shifting on an SMG.

What I'm concerned about the loss of spontaneity of the driver in deciding when he wants a slooow/smoooth shift while cruuuuiiising, or when he wants a rapid/neck-snapping shift in preparation for a fast lane change to pass a dawdling driver. Read my original post again.

Currently, you're "locked" into one of the S1-S6 modes when you press a button to choose how you want to drive. But in a true manual, you can decide at a moment's whim how fast or slow you shift depending on how you work the shifter/clutch/gas. What I'm suggesting is this driver's "intention" can be similarly communicated to the SMG computer by the speed/pressure of the shift on the paddles.
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