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Originally Posted by John View Post
porsche. no doubt
Cayman S or Boxter S? You know they both lose to Z4 M models hands down, on straight line, and on the track.. The Z4 M's are pretty brutal (and fun to drive, in CSL-like way, even though they only are available with manual transmission (since BMW had to build a new gearbox and transmission for them, the ones from the E46 M3 didn't fit. (And that's why SMG II is not on offer - at least yet.) On the other hand, they're the kind of track cars where their straigh six really is more approripate with manual transmission. Even much more fun, with their low curb weight and incredible cornering capabitlies. There are Porsches (Well, RUFs, that I'd go for before the Z4Ms, but not the Cayman S or Boxter S, no way. Those two are just incredibly overpriced if you want any decent options on them, and no amount of options can fix their biggest problem - they're slow! The bang for buck is seriously better with the Z4Ms. And the Z4Ms are still more fun to drive.) The Boxter (S) and Cayman (S) just seem to be the cheap'o Porsches meant for the mass market, and they have failed, IMHO.

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