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Lightbulb Idea! SMG speed/pressure sensitive paddles

Had posted this in the "SMG or manual poll thread" few days ago, but buried too deep for others to notice, except for M3ichael and replicat.

Just thought of something interesting/cool and wanted to share to see if BMW could implement it into the upcoming SMG IV(?).

Currently with the way SMG functions, there are several manual "programs" which you pre-select depending on how aggresive and fast you want to drive/shift. However, depending on the variability of traffic conditions, you don't want to be locked into any particular program. Sometimes you want to shift aggresively and sometimes smoothly and slowly, depending on your mood and traffic condition at that particular moment. This is something that you can do if you're driving a manual tranny with a clutch pedal. You decide how you want to shift at any moment, not the computer. Which was why I was initially against SMG, because I would lose control of that spontaneity in deciding how I want to shift at any moment.

To come back to my idea: what if the SMG computer can sense how fast or how hard you push or pull the paddles/shifter in order to decide how aggresive you want it to shift? This way you're not locked into any particular mode/program. This way you decide at any moment not only when but also how fast you want to shift. The faster you activate the paddles/shifter, the faster it shifts. Much more control and spontaneity is given back to the driver!

What do you fellas think?
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