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Performance Plus (Long Beach) mounting horror story

Performance Plus mounting horror story.

I weighed the option of delaying this post until giving the owner of PP in Long Beach the opportunity to make things right. However, I want to save anyone from my dreadful experience whether or not he makes things right with me.

I bought my Vreds there and finally got my new RAC RG63 wheels (on hold at FedEx while I was on vacation). I opened by very politely letting them know that the wheels are expensive, (effectively) unreplaceable and that I am a perfectionist about NO scratches from mounting. Things started bad right out of the gate with them lifting the car on a ramp style lift without any jack blocks/adapters. Doing so the hollow plastic jack points flex and the car appeared to be sitting with partial load bearing on the side skirts. Obviously I was upset about that. Fortunately, there was no visible damage to my skirts and I did keep my cool. I did of course let them know that ALL BMWs with this style hollow shaped plastic jacking points needs a jack adapter. From there it all went even more downhill. I had some stuck spacers...

The fronts came off with beating them with a nice soft lead mallet and no damage to rotors nor spacers The rears however were another story. Stuck but definitiely not so stuck that they could not be removed and still be in good enough condition to sell and reuse. They used a screw driver (instead of a torch followed by a narrow wood chisel) and really gouged up the aluminum mounting surface of one wheel (the brake rotor hat itself). It had numerous large and deep gouges and scratches that would definitely damage the wheel and prevent proper wheel alignment if an attempt was made to mount the wheel. Not too long after noticing this I decided to check my wheels themselves for scratches. F^&*ing scratches on 3 out of 4. Quite small almost pebble style impact dings on the inner lip of 2 wheels and a "nice" 2"-3" fairly narrow scratch on the 3rd, again on the inner lip. I had a very hard time keeping my cool at this point. The guy from the front office helping me kept checking in, scolding the guys doing the work then disappearing inside to do his "real work". I tried to explain to him and the guys the proper technique of dealing with a stuck spacer which is of course: penetrating lube, torch heat, lead mallet and a wide sharp chisel as a last resort, not a f&^%ing SCREWDRIVER. To top it all off they intended to use an air power tool with a flexible sanding disc to grind off the horrid high spots of the gouges on the rotor hat. After I instructed them to use a block and carbide sand paper they began that job with a 2x4 "block" that appeared to have been beaten on with a hammer and cut up with a chainsaw. They had to scrounge around their "shop" for about 15 minutes to find any semblance of a flat metal block that could be used to get the hats into any sort of flat and acceptable mounting condition.

The guys at this place simply do not have the training nor experience to be dealing with high end cars, high end wheels and any normal surprises that will happen in some significant number of mounting cases. Get your Vreds there, get a great price and then run like hell to another shop for any mounting.

I left (under protest) with my bill unpaid since the damage to my wheels and brake rotor is clearly significantly greater than my total bill. The owner is supposed to call me tomorrow. Obviously I felt forced to take pictures of everything so no problems there on the evidence side. I am also posting this thread in the vendor feedback area even thought they are not a forum sponsoring vendor.

What a way to top off months of participation and anxious waiting for some really great wheels. After I better block out my hats (or get one replaced) and swap to black lugs I will post some pictures of semi-gloss black on Space Grey in the RAC thread...
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