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Well said.

It is definitely one of the best sounding exotic out right now, without a doubt.

It looks amazing from all angles except the front lights. It is far better looking than F458, 599 GTB, Zonda, California

The price might be questionable, but Lexus is certainly not desperate for sales since they are building only 500 of these and most of the allocations for the first year are already spoken for.

Its unofficial Nurburgring lap time is 7:24

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and the sound of that car puts the f458 or any recent supercar to shame except for maybe zonda F or carrera gt (but these two still have lower pitch in this contest). this car sound the closest to F1 IMO.

I love the rear of the car, but I think the side and front need a little more aggressiveness.

another amazing thing is it still have the typical lexus soft ride compare to other supercar, but can still turn fast lap time. I remember reading this somewhere before.
""A great sounding, responsive, high-revving, naturally aspirated engine is part of the DNA of a thoroughbred sports car. No two ways about it."

- Lamborghini on turbocharging