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Originally Posted by JK42 View Post

Truth of the matter is, of any major country, US is the cheapest to buy cars and gasoline in. And also, the income levels are way higher and taxes way lower than any other developed nation. This doesn't account few mid-eastern nations that have oil as their national reserve, but counting them out, US wins hands down. Easiest measure is the gross national product per citizen, which is about double in the US that it is in most European countries.

For example, in my line of work I could easily make (and made) $200k + $100k bonuses a year in the US, but I'm pressed to make even $150k with bonuses in Europe. And the car taxes and gas prices are more or less insane in most European countries.

If you have any level of education, (if you're a lawyer, doctor or such) you can make $600k to $1M a year in the US. Not even close in Europe. The US has a true middle class, most of Europe does not, or it is "lower middle" class.

In any European country you as a BMW tech could only dream of purchasing a new E92 M3. Most of the BMW techs I know drive either very old M cars (10 years or older) and have tuned the heck out of them, or drive regular BMW's such as 130i, E46 330Ci etc.

A USED 2004 545i driven 30k miles goes for around 70.000 euros (about $80.000) over here.

New M5 is 130.000 euros with base options, new M6 is 170.000 euros with base options. A Ferrari F430 (one in this country registered at this time) is about 250-350.000 euros depending on the options.

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Still i was surprised to see so many nice cars when i was in Europe. Especially Germany. Yeah America you can make money regarless of class. Although America is becoming really corrupt now. You have FDA, EPA trying to regulate your life. It's a free country for Gods sake.