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"If the car suffers damage in excess of 3% of it's value it has to be disclosed to the dealer. As I understand it, if BMW replaced the engine in your car at the VDC, that would not have to be disclosed to the dealer. This is because all BMW parts are being used and installed to BMW spec. However, repaired body damage (something on the order of the MINI's roof, not like a replaced bumper cover) would be declared to the dealer."

"Just because they were trying to repair a car doesn't mean it was going to be sent out to a customer. The repair still has to be inspected afterwards and get approval that it meets BMW's specifications. So we really don't know what the future holds for that MINI with the crushed/repaired roof. The people I spoke with at the VPC took a lot of pride in the quality of their work and the finished product and were adamant that if a car couldn't meet spec it would be scrapped (we were talking about cars with frame damage at the time)."

Ok so...the poor customer who ordered this vehicle has to wait another months to get his/her car from Europe?!
At first, I thought customer still gets the messed up vehicle from the accident but then when I read the second part, I was relieved that the vehicle doesn't sent to the customer.

It was very interesting. Thank you.