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Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
Should AWD drivers be professional drivers, or does the fact that RWD is easier to control in extreme conditions by the vast majority of drivers than AWD mean that RWD should actually be preferred of the two?
This statement is just wrong. You can say what you want but your opinion doesn't line up with fact.

I have spent a lot of time at racetracks in bad conditions. Almost without exception the AWD guys gain the upper hand. Also there is a reason people buy AWD cars when they need to deal with bad conditions. Who in the world goes, "Its snowing I better leave my AWD car and home and take the RWD one" ?

Stop presenting your beliefs as fact.

I don't mean to come off as rude but I simply try to correct things that are incorrect. I can see how this would seem rude to those that are posting the incorrect things.

BTW: I am not a pro driver but I won the 2005 regional BMW top driver shootout and missed repeating this year by 0.03 seconds. I also used to write vehicle simulation software. But what do I know. I have had the luxury of driving a lot of diffrent cars at autocross in both an instructional and fun role. So its not like I have not driven most of the cars we are talking about here.
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