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The rally car drivers still have the AWD cars in control when it does look wild.

Ever see how many times they DO lose control on a typical race by the way? At least one or two guys usually drive out during one or two days of each race of the WRC series. Look up the former famous WRC pro driver "Henri Toivonen". He is buried about 30 feet from my father's grave.

Go watch some pro rally drivers, you appear to have something to learn. They do some amazing thing and don't spin out and die just because they are driving an AWD car in bad weather.

Making statements like this makes it much harder to believe the other things you write.
99.99% of AWD car owners are not professional pro rally drivers, by the way. Statements like this make you seem very rude and in addition to your signature, very arrogant. So, are you a professional driver? Should AWD drivers be professional drivers, or does the fact that RWD is easier to control in extreme conditions by the vast majority of drivers than AWD mean that RWD should actually be preferred of the two?