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Rumors, speculation, facts and fantasy - list of what we all want to know

Well the rumors, speculation, facts and fantasy are abound. Herein I am attempting to create a long list of all the things we all want to know about and keep posting about. I sure wish the forum had a poll feature, as this would make a great place for a poll; no comments, just votes would be cool. Since we don’t let the comments roll…

-0-60 mph
-0-100 kph
-0-100 mph
-1/4 mi (haven’t seen much debate on this one yet)
-Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time
-Lateral g’s on skidpad (BMW has been a bit weak here compared to P cars and others)
-Braking (60 mph-0 and 100 mph-0, again haven’t seen much debate on this and historically M3s are at the very top of the ever important (and fun) braking game)

Drive train:
-Flat or cross plane crank
-Transmission options
-Differential, new or M5

-How much, if any composites will be used in the body
-Will sunroof be mandatory
-Will HUD be an option
-Adjustable suspension (EDC)
-Wheel/tire size

-When will be get some indisputable specs from BMW
-Which show will premiere the new M
-When will we see first delivery in US/EU
-Base price
-Fuel “economy”
-Exhaust bypass valve