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Originally Posted by enigma View Post

I am assuming you meant, fwd understeer. AWD is no harder to control than RWD under any conditions. I have no idea where you got this information but its way wrong.
I have "got this information" by driving AWD cars in several instances (Audi A6s for example in one instance, with several different engines, the models 2 generations ago when they still had 50:50 quattro power distro) on an ice and snow track. When you'd lose control on the ice (even with studded tyres), there was NO WAY to bring it back under control. With RWD cars (in this case Volvo 740s), it was never a problem. With the same type of tyres.

Once in bad weather you go over the limit with AWD, you are gone, but with RWD you might still be able to regain control once you lose it.