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Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
I think we should stick to the manufacturer reported 0-100 times, not some magazine times, because then they won't be comparable. The manufacturer reported times are usually based on standard measurements, and yes, in real conditions they can often be beat easily (my 130i does under 5.5s 0-100 right now, manufacturer reported time 6.1s)
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IMO manufacturers times are definitely not the best basis for comparison. I say this for a couple reasons. 1. Mags almost always get substantially better times for BMWs compared to BMWs own numbers. 2. Mags tend to do a fair job of trying to standardize things and they also push the cars as hard as possible to always get the best time. 3. Serious enthusiasts will, if only out of pride, always report the very best number they can find - there is no way around that and it is likely to be a mag. Probably the best, most fair thing would be to average a bunch of different mag results but who could we count on to be as sophisticated as to perform an average...