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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
Exactly what I said earlier.

Interestingly, in last months Road and Track, they pitted the 286HP 3300lb Mitsu Evo versus a 295HP, 3150 lb Porsche Cayman S.

Care to guess which car was faster in both 0-60 and in track lap times?

The G35X was also found to be faster than the G35 RWD in track lap times in another test.

It is widely known that the Evo's manufacturer times and power/torque are significantly under-reported, and it's not a surprise it would kick Cayman S's butt, because a Z4 M Coupé will do it too, on both conditions, and EVO will kill the Z4 M Coupé as well. But it's still a Mitsubishi.

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