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Originally Posted by JK42 View Post
Well, one of the reasons is very heavy government. Out of a population of about 5 million+ over 700.000 people work for the government directly or indirectly. Sick. Other reasons are just too political and detailed to get into.

I know fairfax county well. I used to live right next to Reston Town Center. And back then it was the richest county in the US by average income of about $350k (I believe)

The only problem was they had the local police going to bars and busting people for being drunk in a bar! It was a huge outcry few years back there... I guess they stopped doing it after that...

M5 will be same or more expensive if you get it from Germany, because the car taxes will be applied to any self-imported cars as well.

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dang that kind of sucks...:/
before i come to US, i was thinking of germany as well but since my uncle lived around here, we decided to come to US instead of germany.
well, i am going to germany this summer or next summer my dad got to go to germany and went to BMW dealer? factory?

anyone has done european delivery? i heard it is quite fun