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Originally Posted by Manz_UK View Post

M3 list around $85k
My 3 year old M3-SMG is worth around $50k

how much is full tank in the US?
around $110 here (London)

$3300 per year (27 year old - London)

Road Tax (no sure if you have this in the states):
$360 per year

and I just paid $2300 for a BMW main service

hm...i will throw in some numbers here.
currently, i drive infiniti g35 coupe loaded which is $45,000 OTD
full tank...about half of 110 w/ 93 octane. LOL (20 gallons)
insurance...$1000 and i am 19 (no accident, no ticket for last 4+ years)

i guess i am lucky to be in US
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