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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Paranoid? Not sure how that word would apply, I was just curious why you change your post that said you agree with what I said, which was all correct as you said

Last I checked they all have RMS issues especially the carreras, not sure where you are getting your info:

LSD in a RWD high powered sports car is a big deal. The MkI 997 does not have it, there is a reason Porsche included it with the MKII. Probably because the Cayman was right on its heals without an LSD... it is not as big of a deal with AWD.

Didn't you have a 997S? Or you were getting one? Something along those lines, and with you currently owning a 997, I think that may be your bias showing through. I can't think of a reason to get a wet sump 997 over a 996 turbo other than if someone puts looks over performance.

No, I never said that I agreed with all that you posted. I did initially agree with most or much, can't remember for sure. After further thought, I changed my mind and agreed with less than I initially thought. I still do agree with SOME of what you posted.

You really enjoy arguing though. Good for you.

And, where is the bias??? I own a true dry sump GT3.