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Originally Posted by frankzlin79 View Post
What is Blake's vanity plate?
Originally Posted by frankzlin79 View Post
And I got the plain solid white background from the regular DMV website (not myplates). I remember it was really hard to find just a plain white background...I didn't want to choose a University, Org, or Sports team, etc. I remember buried in an unobvious link, I was able to get just the plain solid white background. Looks good on my AW car.

But if I could go back, I'd get it from since they offer a black background plate with white letters. That would look sweet on my car too.
Blake has V8 M3, which was my first choice. I think either black numbers on a solid white background or white numbers on a black background would look good on your car. Doing it through the DMV is also a lot cheaper.
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