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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Why sent a letter.

Again we are talking about getting the most out of the engine which is a different subject altogether and why I put a 'P.S.' at the end of my reply.

Again you are talking about getting the most out of the car which is different than the advice I was trying to give the OP, which was honest and experienced advice based on owning these cars. The running cost of a $40K 996TT is not the same as a $40K BMW and making someone aware of this is the decent thing.

I do try to be civil with you at every opportunity but you all continue to make things personal, you don't know who you are talking to or anyway about the knowledge I may or may not have. Best refrain from going down that road is all I will say on the subject.

Again I think it's a sensible thing to advice on the pitfalls of tuning such an expensive car to repair without doing the research, maybe you feel otherwise which is your prerogative.
Your advice really makes a lot of sense.

Forget the GT1 block, forget the race bred motor, forget the stronger internals, forget the higher performance, forget the better modability, forget that the turbo is more fun to drive, forget that the bottom of the line Porsches get thrown the wet sump block, forget the MKI 997 has no LSD, forget it all. Good stuff, thank you for that, and I am sure the OP appreciates it.

All your advice consisted of was getting the service records, thank you. Very helpful stuff, and when the OP asks for someone to give him common sense suggestions you can chime in as if it is something of value.

Now, you have owned a 996 turbo and 997? No, you have not, so I don't understand your statement. Who is comparing the running cost to a BMW? Secondly, I would rather maintain the car out of warranty that I know is not as prone to RMS failures. If you had the experience you were saying you would know this. I can't help but get the impression you are speaking to simply act like you are some kind of authority without the knowledge to support it.

Say whatever you like, we all know if it does not go your way you will run to the mods to delete posts. I'm not like that, I can sit here all day and fight my battles all by myself.

Again, what is sensible is for you to read up on the tuning aspects of the vehicles as you do not have the knowledge. What is the pitfall of tuning a K16 or K24 car? Please, enlighten us all. You do realize the OP mentioned mods, right? You do understand he mentioned turbo upgrades, right? So why do you not seem to understand your perspective on the vehicles stock is not providing the necessary supplemental information? Maybe you should simply allow those that are familiar with the performance, mods, and the results on these cars to post about it, and help the guy, ok? Thanks