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Financially Jussi is 100% right about all of the taxes here in the states, (income, etc..) This country is damn good as far as tax goes anywhere else in the world.

Being a doctor or lawyer here in the states is waaaay better than anywhere in the world, thats why people study in other countries and become doctors here in the states, not because they give a rats ass about helping the greedy US population. Doctors in india make half or less than half of what doctors make over here.

What is the difference between RON and ROZ Octanes, ?

Just hearing about the gas prices and taxes over there, makes me look out my window, and thank god that I have been so blessed to be in the place I am now.

P.S. Spinal Surgeons can earn more than 2.5 million per year depending on locatoin and work. Top end lawyers that work for big companies, make 7 figures as well.