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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
LSD in a RWD high powered sports car is a big deal. The MkI 997 does not have it, there is a reason Porsche included it with the MKII. Probably because the Cayman was right on its heals without an LSD... it is not as big of a deal with AWD.
No, not having a LSD in a RWD sport isn't that big of a deal unless your intention is to track the car regularly. And considering how quick both the Carrera and Cayman have been without it shows that up till now it's been a luxury and not a necessity. BTW there are bigger reasons to why the Cayman has been right on it's heals but let's save that for another thread.

Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
Didn't you have a 997S? Or you were getting one? Something along those lines, and with you currently owning a 997, I think that may be your bias showing through. I can't think of a reason to get a wet sump 997 over a 996 turbo other than if someone puts looks over performance.
Wet sump vs dry sump is again more of an issue if you are constantly tracking the car but again I don't believe too many owners will be achieving the lateral Gs enough of the time to full warrant it's inclusion.

I think the main difference between you and I on this and many other threads is that you are constantly looking at things from a purely maximizing the performance potential where I am looking at it from simply a daily driving point of view. It's not that you are wrong on many things only that I feel they are a bit extreme in most cases.