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Originally Posted by M2002 View Post
1 gallon of fuel costs $2 over here but comon the lower fuel costs doesnt compensate for double the price of an M3
Hey, try paying $6-$7 a gallon like in Finland and then still paying $145k for a new M5, $190k for a new M6 and around $110k for the new M3. Best of both worlds! Every time I gas up Shell V-power 99+ Octane (RON, not ROZ Octanes), I throw away an average of 52 euros (around $65?) for 40 liters (10 gallons) of fuel. And 98E or 95E are only few cents per liter cheaper. Even Diesel (that is legal to use in automobiles, they have actually added a trace chemical to it so it can be recognized, so you won't burn up your house warming diesel in your car, or you'll be fined SEVERELY, because then you'd be dodging the car diesel fuel taxes) costs about $1.1 a liter ($4.40 a gallon).

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