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Originally Posted by CSL-Fanatik View Post
Hey Jussi,
just wondering where you get your numbers and what your sources are? A lawyer/doctor making 600K-1M a year on average? Also, in Germany the prices in Euros for M5 and M6 are surely not as high as your described:
The M6 base is 112,000 Euros for example. I do agree however that cars are cheaper in the US, plus cheaper to maintain (Gas $2,60/gallon)...

best Wishes

I wasn't saying making on an average, but that "can make" if you are an excellent, experienced doctor or a lawyer. I.E. Good in what you do. In Europe, you won't be making that in most countries even if you're the surgeon general of the nation. Like Arnie said "I'd rather be the governor of California, than own the whole country of Austria." He knows what he's talking about.

In Germany, the prices for M5 and M6 and all cars are decent, because it's a domestic industry, obviously. It's just Finland, Denmark, Greece and few other asshole countries of EU where the car taxes are 100% or more. Only gas is as expensive as in all European countries in Germany (which is why many Germans, being financially savvy, favor Diesels these days, thus the resurgence and incredible development of Diesel-engines in the last 7+ years, driven by BMW AG.) Just look at the 745d... In-f**king-credible engine.

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