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Man Jussi, I feel for you man, And it truely does sadden me to hear stuff like that. I wish you could be over here mate, half of the fucking idiots who live here don't appreciate what this country offers them. They just bitch about all of the minor things that "go wrong" I would trade 100 ungreatful americans for one greatful american anyday...

I think that in about 15-20 years the taxes on the dollars are going to go up to an average of about 11% which everyone would bitch about, but I think it will be okay, because so many problems will be solved.

As for Social Security, bwahaha its a joke, My grandma and grandpa get a combined $1400 a month. She works as a private nurse though and makes about 50K a year untaxed, and all private.

Its a shame that the US doesn't allow the good folks like yourselves over here, yet they allow 7% of the unemployed sit around taking our fucking money.