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Originally Posted by CATCH_M3 View Post
Snow season is truly upon us! And with it, parking lot drifting/sliding. It is my opinion that it is very important for drivers to learn how their cars react when skidding/beyond the limit of traction for safety reasons. From my experience most drivers (definitely including me in the past), have just slammed on the brakes when faced with an emergency situation where they feel the car start rotating. Obviously this transfers weight to the front of the vehicle, lightening the rear and in many cases can initiate an uncontrollable spinout.

Although many instances are not as severe as a complete spinout, I really think it is important for drivers to be used to these sensations of surfaces with less friction where you are limited to less grip.

From my understanding, it is possibly a violation to practice these manoeuvres in parking lots that are empty if they are available to the public even if they are privately owned (ie. Malls, etc.) I think you can be cited for careless or dangerous driving as these parking lots are part of what is deemed as the 'highway' in the HTA? Even if not, can it be deemed 'dangerous driving' under the criminal code even if it is the wee hours of the morning and it is a completely empty lot (no other cars/pedestrians in the parking lot.)

Don't get me wrong; obviously people do it because it is alot of fun, in addition to the safety reasons. (Fun being more likely the higher priority). However in Nordic countries in Europe they are taught skid control at a young age. I believe in some countries, driving on the skid pad is even part of the driving test. Mika Hakkinen, one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time stated that him and others in his country learn skidding/car control very young and that is the reason why Finland, a relatively small country keeps producing amazing F1 drivers (think Kimi Raikonnen): because they are continually ahead of the game.

Anyway, sorry for this long-winded post. I was just wondering if:

1) People knew the exact laws in regards to parking lot drifting/sliding in Ontario?
2) Do you agree with those laws?

I dont agree with the laws at all as learning car control skills as there is no better place to learn than an empty parking lot.When I was young it was encouraged to do this and in fact our local cops watched us and depending on the officer would also get involved in our fun.But soon enough some do gooder complaned and all the fun came to an end!Pretty soon the malls enpowered the cops to charge people who "stunted" on private property.That was least 35 years ago when I was a wee young lad