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Originally Posted by replicat View Post
Christ!!!!!!! I can't believe those numbers, its a shame to hear them, but hopefully you guys are making out well enough to offet those taxes a bit. Here in the US, experienced BMW master techs make anywhere from $90-150K. Depending on hour many hours you flag.

I have to tip my hat to this government. I used to bitch about it because it was pretty hard for me and my mother growing up (She only made about $35K a year) But now that I have come into my own, I see that it really is well thought out and is truly the home of the free.

Thanks to all of you that chimed in.


Here an experienced BMW master tech makes about 2.5 - 3k euros a month, meaning 36.000 euros a year, tops, out of which he'll pay about 33% of income salary right off the bat, then 22% out of every good or service he buys or uses money on, and at last, 100% additional (+22%) if he wants to buy a car. And if you're a more entry-level junior tech, you're looking at more like 2k to 2.500 euros a month. Welcome to social democracy.

All the BMW salesguys and people who work for them here, even people who have been with the company longer than I have lived drive 320i's, 320d's and one guy happens to have a 325i E90, and that's considered a major fucking luxury! - this in part answers the often heard question "why does BMW offer ridiculous non-engine equipped models such as 116i, 118d, 318d, 320i, 523i etc. in Europe?) Because 95% of people can't afford any better if they want a new BMW!

Many of you may have heard of how idiot communist Europeans say how they "hate America" or "hate G.W. Bush" because "there is no social security and the american way of life is facistic". Well, if any of these people would actually have lived in America or visited there longer than for one week, they'd know the truth. The truth is, in the US, your employer most of the time will give you your healthcare insurance, so you don't have to pay for it (which is widely spread bullshit in Europe), and most of the time you're making so much money anyway that you can afford to throw a few grand to the doctor if you need to. In the US money goes around faster and in much larger quantities, which is good for everyone, even the poor. The official poverty line (I don't remember the number, I think it was around $30k a year) is what 80-90% of Europeans are making as their standard income! They would kill to stay in the US if they just knew how things are in real life.

Too bad Green Cards and permanent resident visas are now very hard to get (especially after 9/11, Jesus, I lost people I knew from my business in those towers, I took it very personally!) If I had one, I sure as hell wouldn't be slaving in Europe. And if I got one right now, I'd drive to the airport at this same second and fly straight to Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia (Through London) on BA First Class, and never come back. Or perhaps once a year in the Summer to visit relatives and so.

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