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Inflated Car Prices Overseas?

Kinda getting bored over here waiting for a new picture or something, and since we have nothing to talk about. I have a question.

I notice that alot of you guys in Europe, Austrailia, and Asia are suffering inflated car prices? I guess the US just complains so much about prices going up, I never realized how low our prices really are (The base E92 M3 will most likely be around US$55,000).

I can't beleive what you guys pay over seas. I'm just curious to know if all prices are high in those places or just cars. Are all contries like that or what? And what are the reasons? All taxes?

Chime in on what you pay for cars, homes, and what is the average income annually in your area. Give a few examples.

2006 E46 M3 Base Price is US$49K Mild markups to low US$50Ks
2006 E60 M5 Base Price is US$81K Mild markups to mid US$80Ks
2006 E63 M6 Base Price is US$94K Seeing markups to US$115K+

Home prices vary in the US but I would say that average would go between US$300,000-$800,000 for a nice home. The more expensive the homes, would be toward the coasts (California and New York)

And the average annual income for US households is US$50-65,000.

I know that its a bit off topic But please don't move it administrators! It will die out in the off-topic area.

Thanks alot guys...:rocks: