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Newest Excuse to be Pulled Over

So its Friday morning 1/1 and I am with my father, uncle and brother heading to the NoHo Subway to go to the Rose Bowl via surface streets. Traffic is very,very lite. Starting from a red light I see a LAPD car traveling in the opposite direction and a few moments I notice it flip around at the intersection I just crossed. Of course I think "Oh Boy" but there are several other cars around me one of which was ahead of me traveling fairly faster then the rest of us.

Well the LAPD got behind me for several blocks then lit me up right as I was going to get on to the 170.

He walks up and first thing he says is that he pulled me over because "he could not run my tags" in their system and he wanted to check on my car. Mind you I have Ca Plates (The same ones for the last several years) of which I have been pulled over before for other reasons and have never heard of a PD not being able to check my tags.

He mentions my lack of front plates, I mention that I am not daring to put holes in my bumper as I cant hang a picture frame straight to save my life and he mentions that he suspects that I have illegal tint on my front windows (I always roll down both front windows as a, uuummmm, courtesy??) and I say that his suspicions are right but I could have gotten them darker yet I still wanted to allow officers like himself to be able to see into my car.

All in all he was polite and so was I. He let me go on my way, but I found it a very odd and quite new excuse for an officer to pull me over. 2nd time in a week that I ALMOST got tickets for no front tags and tint, first one being at LAX checkpoint when picking up the family at the airport.

I have a feeling this is going to be an expensive year... unless my luck holds out.