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Originally Posted by DimSum View Post
Lets assume this is going to be my daily driver, it will indeed be driven throughout the winter. So I think 996TT AWD is a very good choice. I'll probably keep an eye out for the '03s. I do not need the X50 package, I'll probably be doing a k24/18g swap out later down the road.

That looks nice! Unfortunately I'll have to fly over to the states to inspect the car. What do you guys think for driving these cars throughout the winter?
Also what material is that body kit made out of?

Keep in mind, I am going from a non-turbo E90 to a 996TT if anything. So I do not have much experience with the 335i.
But theres no way in hell, I am going to upgrade my car to a 335i. 335i here in Canada is EVERYWHERE *espcially where I live*.
Plus I am bored of the BMW look, everywhere I go I see young teenagers with modded 335i.

What kind of maintance costs am I looking at? Is it easy DIY-able (oil changes and filters)?

The car will be great for winter use. Be sure to get dedicated snows and mount them on a set of winter wheels. You're not going to want to use the standard width for winter. Your Porsche dealer and/or tire specialst (Tire Rack for example) can recommend the appropriate tire/wheel (width) combo.

The only other issue will be ground clearance; not a biggie, just be aware of the lower ride height.

I'd do the same and stick with a 2003 or later. The 2001 and 2002 had some trans. issues and the later models got better as the years progressed. There was a strong rumor that Porsche secretly added power to the later years in an effort to manage the competition.

Be certain to have a certified Porsche dealer or Ruf do a pre-inspection. Have the DME scanned for any over revs which are stored on the computer.

Oil changes are a DIY. You have more tasks because it's a true dry sump, but no big deal. Do your research on oil changes before tackling one.

996 turbos -they're not "tts"- use a bit of oil, so always carry a spare quart and check the level frequently. Also check the oil level of any car you are considering. I once looked at a C4S with 3k on the clock. It was down 3 quarts out of 7 or 8 that it takes. I think the turbos take close to 10.