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Originally Posted by replicat View Post
Praise the gods new pics!!!!!!!!!!! yaaay!!!!

These idiots are stupid, if the V8 is supposedly derived from the damn M5/6, how would it have direct injection. Its a new engine dammit! Stop saying that its a M5 engine with two cylinders cut off!!

And when was the last time M GmbH was so lazy as to design a new engine by taking a 4 year old design and just taking off 2 cylinders and throwing it out there? They simply DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. They strive for perfection and always put in the latest and the greatest. If you knew just what went into the E46 M3's S54B32 engine design... compared to the earlier M straight sixes, the improvements were incredible, so many new innovations just to the engine alone that it was like from a different century. I can dig up you an article about it if you are interested.

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