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Originally Posted by MMMorish View Post
Of all the research I've done in the last 3 months or so, the D90 kept popping up in all the reviews as the clear winner over the competition (I must have read at least a dozen pro reviews). Black's was having a sale that I just couldn't pass up and I pulled the trigger on it today.

Got the D90 body, Nikkor VR 18-105mm lens, 1 year extended warranty, Nikon bag, 125 free digital prints, and a 7" Sony digital pic frame all for $1279 Canadian. Sale ends tomorrow. Check it out at your local Blacks if you get the chance.
That sounds like an awesome deal from everything I've seen. I've never even heard of Black's before. Do they have any stores in the US?

Originally Posted by tinpot View Post
Tom – the wheels look AMAZING!

I bought myself a Nikon D5000 for xmas so I look forward to taking pics at the next Houston meet
Thanks! Everyone is jumping on the DSLR ship. I need to get one soon. In the meantime, I'll just rely on you guys! Hope you had a good vacation.

Originally Posted by frankzlin79 View Post
Hey Tlud. Been so busy studying for the stupid patent bar that I haven't read the forums lately.

I like what you have done. I saw the car with all your mods sans wheels. But now that you have the new wheels, it makes the exterior complete. The car will definitely turn even more heads now. And I thought my car was the hottest E92 in town...I guess not anymore...doh.

Speaking of license plates, I stole the mirror image of your plate. I liked your plate so much that the only thing I could do was to get the second best thing: M3 E92.

We'll go on a photoshoot with my D5000 when it's fixed again. It just recently suffered a complete loss of power. I did some research and there was actually a recall on the camera issued around in July for the problem I'm experiencing. So I need to send it back and get it fixed (Nikon pays shipping both ways).

EDIT: Ha...looks like Tinpot was posting his message a split second before I posted mine. We can use both mine and Tinpot's D5000 on the next photoshoot ha ha.
Good luck on the PB exam. When are you taking it?

If Blake ends up selling his M3, I'll probably try to take his vanity plate, and you can have mine. What background did you get for your plate?

I saw the recall issue during my research. The D5000 seems like a great camera, especially for the money, but that issue discouraged me from going that route. At least it's completely covered. Looking forward to doing a photoshoot with you guys.

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'09 Interlagos Blue E92 M3 (sold to a good home)