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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
I got the remus sport w/ gintani x-pipe + HFC. There is drone from 2800-3300, very audible when cruising at 70-75 in 6th going up any incline.

Everywhere else the drone is barely audible and easily tolerable.

I switched out my Gintani race mufflers. Sure there was drone everywhere under 3500, but the quality of the sound was unbelievable.

The Remus sport sounds good til about 3k, after that it sounds very similar to stock (at least from inside the car with windows up or down). That part I am disappointed because I do have a full x-pipe which should open up the sound past 4k.

Also I noticed a power decrease (slight) with the Remus muffler over Gintani, not sure about how their mufflers are designed, I just know the Remus is much larger per muffler. One thing for sure, using the stock connecting pipes will cut some power compared to other exhausts that come with connecting pipes that don't have those weird triangle bends like OEM.

For now I am satisfied as my car now just looks OEM+ and sounds OEM+, but knowing how good the Gintani can make the m3 sound, makes me just wish there's an exhaust system that can sound like that without losing power and have minimal to no drone (especially at 3000).
What do you think about the Gintani Sport exhaust? I am trying to decide now between Remus' or Gintani's sport systems. I am not getting an x-pipe or HFCs now but I might in the future. I really can't deal with drone since I spend a lot of time on the interstate at 80mph. Been there and done that when I had the UUC exhaust on my E36.

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