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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I was simply talking stock to stock, not a performance packed turbo. When you check out stock vs stock sure the Turbo still holds the lead but the performance gap is relatively close.

Also I thought the OP was asking for opinions, I was simply suggesting to do a bit of checking out before jumping for the obvious choice because servicing a turbo is more expense and in stock form the gap isn't as great as many would think, sure it can be upgraded to silly performance figures but with this comes reliability issues and Porsche parts aren't cheap.

To the OP, do a bit of digging on Porsche forums and check out prices for repairs and services at dealers before making the jump. That's the best advice I can give you.
I like the fact that the 996 TT has many upgrades in terms of turbos and software, however many on the market are around 2002-2003.
Seems to me he mentioned upgrades...

Oh, and tunes on the k16 or k24 turbos do not come with reliability issues, don't know where you got that. Additionally, if you remain on the stock fuel system you won't be pushing the rods past the breaking point which is ~600 wheel That is when you have reliability issues.