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Originally Posted by footie View Post
May I suggest you check the service charges for both models, this may very well make the decision for you.

Both are great but from a personal perspective I perfer the look both inside and out of the newer 997 C2/4S, more befitting a car that costs as much as they do.

Also the difference is power isn't as great as it seems, the C2S had 355ps compared to 414ps from the 996TT and their respective performance is equally quite close.

The performance is light years apart. One can pick up X50's in the year range he mentioned that trap ~10 mph higher than the wet sump 997's. It is a joke of a performance comparison. Hell, a chipped K16 car can break 120 mph, easily.

Not to mention the turbo has the GT1 block, wouldn't you want the block that was actually raced and is dry sump?

Additionally, with the X50 a simple flash or even just modding the existing turbo housing with a 18g impeller (k24/18g hybrid) can put you over 130 mph trap on stock internals. Hell, even with the K16's you can mod them now to put out over 600 WHEEL. The performance difference is freaking epic, only someone with very little experience with these vehicles would claim they are close in any way performance wise.

Regardless, I was in this position and the only reason I would have ended up in the 997 over the 996 turbo would have been to impress other people, not myself. The turbo will be the more satisfying drive and is a much better performance platform.

The moment you drive the turbo it will seal the deal for you. The moment a 997 C2S pulls up next to you and you dust it without even trying you will know you made the right choice. Buy the car that is more fun to drive, buy the man's car. Don't buy a car simply because it is a little prettier, the average person still can't tell a 993 from a 997.