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Transmission Malfunction at 1300miles

Hi everyone, I have 2010 E92 M3 DCT which I took delivery of Nov 25th 09. I didn't go beyond 4500rpm as instructed, I drove very conservative during this time. On my way to drop off the car for service on the fwy doing 65 it decides to down shift to 6 while in auto mode and switches to manual, a few seconds later I get the Transmission Malfunction error, I slow down a bit to merge to the right lane, hit some traffic and car continues to down shift to 2nd. Traffic picks backup and car wont upshift, I try to switch back to auto with no luck. I am close to an off ramp so I throw on the hazards and limp off the fwy. BMW assist sends a tow truck and Im off to the dealer, Dec 17th.

I called friday the 18th about an hour before service closes to get a status update and the SA said my car is done. He said they saw some error codes and reset them but couldn't pinpoint why this Transmission Malfunction happened, did the 1200mi service, drove it 25mi and said everything was working within mfg specifications.

I pickup the car sat Dec 19th got about 5miles away from the dealership and got the same error Transmission Malfunction. This time I could shift from 2 to 4 to 6. I limped back to the dealer. I called the SA on Mon. the 21st he said they will do more tests. Throughout that week I had to call to get status updates , I kept being told they cant figure out whats going on and that they are getting instructions from BMWNA do to a series of tests. The 23rd I was called after leaving a message for SA and was told the they might have to replace the tranny, but they wont know till after xmas. Tues the 29th I get a call from SA saying that the clutch is burnt, I asked how that could possibly happen and he had no answer. He proceeds to tell me BMWNA authorized a new tranny and I would see my car jan 5th, 6th latest. Needless to say I am a bit irritated with the cars tranny issue and the SA not calling to give status updates that are unprompted.

The car had about 35miles on it when I picked it up, it came from a different dealership. Perhaps the damage to the clutch happen then?

I did enjoy the car for 1300mi and am thankful BMW is replacing the tranny.

Anyone else experience this Transmission Malfunction? If so what was the outcome?

Sorry for the ridiculously long post.