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The side vents are for the turbo's intercoolers.

Porsche calls it Tiptronic. It's an auto gearbox with a torque converter. It's okay as far as automatics go, but shifting can be a bit slow for a sports car I'm told. Never drove one. I really dislike autos in a sports car.

I have not idea on current vaules as I have not shopped that market in a while.
Whats the best place to look for nicely kept conditioned cars?
I tried giving ebay a shot but.. who knows the truth behind it. I would rather prefer to pick it off a private seller instead of some used car online dealership.
I'm worried that if I get an '03 996TT with Auto the gearbox will die shortly. You know like those horror stories with BMWs reverse poping ($3000) fix.

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996TT because it is a classic and is soooo much more car than the C2s

the 996TT will have 496hp while the carrera will have ~320
I grew up with a poster of a 996TT(dream car) in my room. Till today, it is still my favourite looking Porsche. The 997TT with LED tails looks good, but it is way out of my budget.