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Hi Vinh,

It's me Jo...the guy who sold you these wheels. I'm not quite sure how you got those numbers for the offsets, but if you have the time to verify things, please take a look at the boxes and even the numbers printed on the label in the inner barrels. The wheels I sold you are ET15 all around. I even have the purchase orders in file from Linea Corse for those offsets. As for the rubbing issues, I'm not quite sure why it would do that. Not to sound dumbfounded or anything, but even the guys at Linea Corse and Wheeldude recommend those tire sizes I gave you. As cross reference, please look at this link below:

I've also had other customers who we've sponsored to go events like SEMA that run those tire sizes and don't have any rubbing issues. I'll check with those guys what they did to make sure that rubbing wasn't a concern for them.

Anyway, I'm not a sponsor on this forum anymore. But you know my email address, I'm here to help. I was actually surprised why you didn't approach me in the first place. Anyway, I'll take ownership on any errors we make and would also extend our customer service even it wasn't our fault. If you need help in covering charges for fender rolling, I'll extend myself too. If you were only local, I'd even personally go with you to TWS who is our local shop that does many of our customer's fender rolling. Anyway, please keep me posted. Please tell Stacey I said hi!

EDIT: Khoa, thanks for bringing this thread to my attention. Vendors like you truly care for the community.

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